It is a method we apply to increase the chances of normal birth for people who are afraid, afraid or worried about normal birth.


With over 8000 experiences, CIRCISM WITH GENERAL ANESTHESIA by Op. Dr. Murat AKDAĞ


Treatments for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, Polio Sequelae, Spina Bifida, Lymphedema, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Osteoarthritis, etc.

2 Operating Rooms equipped with the latest technologies, 2 Delivery Rooms, Radiology, Laboratory Unit, Endoscopy (Gastroscopy and Rectoscopy) Unit, 24/7 Emergency Unit, General Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Child Health and Diseases, Internal Diseases, Nutrition and Diet, Otorhinolaryngology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and single-bed services, we provide outpatient and inpatient diagnosis and treatment services in the health sector without compromising high quality and ethical rules.


Emergency Health Services

Lilyum Medical Center, we provide 24-hour emergency health service with our experienced and dynamic staff.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition is very important for the survival of life. Consumption of nutrients that provide physical and biological progress brought by age is an important dimension.


From the moment the baby is born, we provide services by our experienced physicians in many areas such as the impression of a healthy child,…

Internal Medicine

The general internal medicine department is the first department to apply for the adult patient group in many complaints. respiratory…

Rehabilitation Treatments After Hand And Foot Surgery, Diagnosis And Treatment Of Osteoporosis, Before And After The Operation In Cases Such As Fractures, Dislocated Meniscus And Ligament Tears…

Surgical Endoscopy Unit: Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy, Surgical Circumcision, Vascular Surgery, Gastrointestinal System Surgery…

Our experienced doctors in our obstetrics and gynecology clinic; pregnancy follow-up and delivery, high-risk pregnancy follow-up, contraception practices,…

Otolaryngological diseases, to which children are often exposed; tonsillitis, tonsil and adenoid enlargement, pharyngitis, sinusitis, cold,